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Turning Point

Death is ten seconds away. Just enough time to do something simple and unimportant. In the context of extreme sports, the artist and his skydiving mentor invite spectators to consider the meaning of keeping control in dangerous situations.

Falling through the sky is a difficult place to do something ordinary. The fear of dying, of making mistakes, of not getting it right, or of simply looking stupid all come into play and have to be overcome in order to continue, to survive.

This exhibition, Turning Point, is a collaborative project between artist Paul Litherland and aerial performer Bertrand Cloutier. It is a video installation consisting of two synchronized video projections with quadraphonic sound. Viewers are mesmerized and destabilized by two skydivers in freefall (Litherland and Cloutier), signalling to each other and the viewer. Together they turn circles in perpetuity.