Wood vs Wood / Holz vs Holz

Dressed in a wood-patterned jacket and hat, the artist set to work on a pile of scrap boards. With an electric drill, he drilled holes in piece after piece. But some of the scraps are only simulated wood made from folded and painted paper. On these pieces, he instead drew simulated holes using paint and […]

ASCII Fighter (BOX)

Ascii Fighter and BOX are two versions of the same piece. They were both 30 minute performances in which two boxers fight wearing gloves and protective equipment fitted with sensors that send signals to a computer. The performances were staged much as a boxing match would be presented: in a ring, with a referee and […]

Babble 2001


Babble is a performance created by Paul Litherland, and developed by Litherland and percussionist Alexander MacSween. They perform a series of verses on electronic drum kits connected to computer equipment. For thousands of years, people, separated by many kilometers, communicated with each other through drumbeats. Loud, soft, with pitch bends and with timing, drums would […]

Insecurity 1999


Insecurity is a performance in which two security guards sleep on the floor in a dimly lit room, during the opening hours of the exhibition. There is a projection on the wall of a tree that was cut down to a stump after the 1998 Montreal ice storm, but sprouted many new branches, apparently not […]

Souvenirs 1993


Souvenirs is a performance with photography. The artist was seated with a series of mounted photographs of himself dressed as various states of self. The loosely formed categories of images were: present self, former self, and imagined self. He would ask visitors to choose one of the images. This choice became the starting point for […]