Articles and Reviews

You will find here a selection of the most in-depth texts written on my artworks, with links to read the full text. For a complete list of reviews, citations, catalogs and interviews, see the publications section of my cv page.

  • L’amour est dans l’atelier
  • Marie-Ève Charron
  • Le Devoir (Arts visuels), August 14, 2021.
  • A portrait of artists couples living in Montréal who share studio space, featuring Paul Litherland and Karen Trask, Michel Daigneault and Stephen Schofield, and Marie-Claire Blais and Pascal Grandmaison. read full article

  • Paul Litherland: Act Action Art
  • John Grande
  • Commissioned, 2005, 10 pages.
  • “His work reflects an ongoing engagement with artistic practice that evolves our sense of what public culture is or can be. His projects involves new technologies and cultural matrices that are in the process of hybridizing. In a sense, Litherland’s interactions – social and public – are intended to highlight the social mores that not only facilitate communication but likewise can obstruct our understanding of each other.” read full article

  • Straight queerness and Alternative Models for Manhood
  • Dayna McLeod
  • Ciel variable (CV), no 75, Mars/March 2007.
  • “However, strict gender codes start to fall apart within the series, as do queer codes of straight males performing queerness, as viewers recognize that they are surrounded by Litherland’s feminine/masculine personas, a recognition that, in turn, contributes to the deconstruction of other hegemonic binary systems for viewers… Teasing us with binary signifiers, Litherland dares us to acknowledge our subjective biases while infusing a quiet humour into the work, leaving us to question the theoretical structures in which we choose to live, and the codes by which we think.” read full article

  • Out of the closet
  • Christine Redfern
  • Globe and Mail, August 14, 2006 R1.
  • “In the end, maybe what is inspiring about Absolutely Fabulous has nothing to do with how Litherland looks or how he is dressed, but that he found the guts to show a side of himself that in many would easily lead to feelings of humiliation. Absolutely Fabulous laughs in the face of the fear of looking stupid.” read full article

  • Paul Litherland: Hésitation
  • Kevin de Forest
  • Cahier, no. 15, Galerie B-312, 1996, 4p. (Français/English).
  • “The ambiguity of these social relations and Litherland’s resistance to taking a prescriptive or accusatory stance in a more explicit manner (such as the work of political activist groups such as Act Up or Guerrilla Girls) points to a concern towards imagining and providing a sense of empowerment through communality.” read full article