Air : le regard du vent

Air : Le regard du vent is a video produced through an intervention on the roof of Galerie Espace Projet, in the Villeray district of Montreal. This project is part of an exhibition that marks the 5oth anniversary of the death of architect and planner Le Corbusier, and specifically to his book, Les quatres routes.  […]

Hands Ears 2006

Hands Ears

Eight paintings on four metal panels painted each side and hung in pairs in a small park in Tlalpan district of Mexico City. These signs installed on lamp posts evoke questions about despair, listening and violence.

Listener 2001


The work Listener consists of five sets of ears made from cast tin. They were attached to the trunks of trees in Changhampuzha Park, near Kochi in Kerala, India. A local metal smith was identified, and he built a small foundry from the dirt. The ears were originally sculpted in bees wax, then covered in […]

Body Building

Body Building is a sculpture with a brick base holding up a large colour photograph of the artist’s eye. Along the eyebrow are placed eight Montreal buildings modeled in butter, a perishable material sensitive to touch and temperature. As the exhibition progressed, the buildings sagged and collapsed under the heat of the gallery lights. This […]

Saint Jean Port Joli Sculptures

Photographs, wood, fur, hair and velvet make up the materials used in this series of works that explore ideas of the body in landscape. The works were produced at the the artists centre est-nord-est in St-Jean-Port-Joli, Québec, home to a large community of wood sculptors, who produce works in wood from kitsch to critical.