Photo Works

B-Side Agnes Etherington

I had the opportunity to photograph the Agnes Etherington Art Centres newly acquired Rembrandt, Head of Man in a Turban a number of years ago, and as the work was being wheeled out of the room, I noticed the back was covered in bits of paper, labels and other markings that seemed significant. This was […]

Road Work 2015

Road Work

A road trip from Montreal with a vaguely defined destination. Maybe LA, maybe Moab, Utah. Maybe the West Island of Montreal. I want to document secrets. I will ask friends and strangers to tell me something that they don’t want known. I will document some part of the story in photos. The photos will be […]

B-side Ellen Gallery

B-Side Ellen Gallery is a series of photographs of the back sides of artworks drawn from the collection of the Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Concordia University. The images are printed actual size, and are glued or stapled around commercial painting stretchers. The initial selection of the artworks was somewhat arbitrary: two were taken from […]

Family Workstations

Family workstations is a documentary photography series of the personal computers and home workspaces of the artist and his relatives in Canada and Northern Ireland. For the photos, family members were invited to arrange their personal spaces and put something significant on the screens–these included documents and applications the owners were creating (a memoir, a […]

Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely Fabulous is the title of the exhibition held at Galerie Thérèse Dion in 2006, and is a series of photographic self portraits of the artist. The work was initially presented in 1993 as a storytelling performance entitled “Souvenirs“. The artist sat accompanied with a number of small photos of himself in various guises. They […]

Art Photography

Art photography is a series of photographs in which a painting by the artist is photographed in relationship to a background. The initial inspiration for this series came from looking at photos of artworks that showed more than they intended to show (i.e. ‘bad’ photos of art). I’m interested in developing a visual metaphor, I […]

Bouquet 2000


Bouquet est le fruit d’une collaboration entre Paul Litherland et sa mère. Comme point de départ, l’artiste a demandé à sa mère, une jardinière accomplie, de reproduire une oeuvre de Rachel Ruysch, peintre flamande du 17e siècle reconnue pour ses reproductions d’arrangements floraux. S’inspirant de ces bouquets, ainsi que de ceux de Pieter Brueghel l’Ancien […]


Hesitation is an outdoor installation of photographs along boulevard St- Laurent (“The Main”) in Montreal. They are photographs of the artist and other actors printed and mounted to metal supports identical in size and shape to parking signs and are attached to light posts on each side of the street between Sherbrooke and St. Viateur […]

Body Contact

Body Contact is a series of images produced in collaboration with the artist Claudia Kappenberg. They are unique photogram-photographs, made using multiple exposures. Negative images or simply white light was projected from an enlarger on light-sensitive paper, with or without bodies and other objects placed directly on it. Previously exposed imagery shows up in the […]