Wind Line (working title) – 2014

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B-side Ellen Gallery – 2014

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Force Majeure – 2010


Wood vs Wood / Holz vs Holz – 2008

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group :: January 14 - 22 February :: 50e anniversaire de la mort de Le Corbusier :: Espace Projet :: work exhibited :: exhibition site
group :: 15 November, 2014 - 31 January, 2015 :: Speculations. Risquer l'interprétation :: Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery :: work exhibited :: exhibition site
group :: March 2, 2013 :: Art Souterrain (Nuit Blanche 2013) :: Tour de la Bourse :: work exhibited :: exhibition site


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Havana, Cuba, 2014



“PAUL LITHERLAND’s artmaking practice has involved a series of interactive, public and process-oriented explorations that involve communication. These actions and involvements have particularly addressed interactive processes and technologies, even signology, but always with a quirky, even humorous aspect that explains the human character of his art. The discontinuity of history, as evidenced in the changing approach to space, to the public domain, and even to geo-specific cultures, has altered …”
read the full text of Paul Litherland: Act Action Art by John Grande and other reviews and essays | cv and bio | artist statement


Paul Litherland


Art Photography Services & Workshops

Studio Lux – For all your art photography needs

I have photographed over three hundred thousand artworks for professional artists, galleries and museums across Canada. I would be happy to come to your studio or gallery to document your work. Clients include: Concordia University, Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and artist-run centres (OBORO, Clark, M-A-I, Artexte)

I give “how-to” workshops on photographing artworks, treating images and managing digital archives. Voici un vidéo en français qui montre comment prendre des photographies de vos oeuvres d’art.

Clients: Concordia University, UQAM, RCAAQ