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Freefall Fighters

In preparation to fight, two boxers touch gloves. But they are packed in a small plane. They file out of the door and once in flight position themselves to box. Falling at 200 km/h, without the ground anchoring their bodies, punches are ineffectual. The drag on the gloves is so strong that the wind blows the fighters away from each when they put their hands in front of them to fight. The point of view of the camera is that of the referee.

The video was a “what-if” experiment. There were no expectations, the artist just wanted to see what would happen when combining two sports that are associated with danger, high-potential for injury and a good dose of machismo. It turned out that the extreme elements were not cumulative, but rather put together they became almost ridiculous. The free-fall fight is more funny than exciting, deflating and playing with stereotypes and expectations.

Yet at the same time, as with the masters of slapstick, the humor masks the skills needed to make it work and the real dangers of the performance. The two skydivers are very experienced, and the truth is that they only have so much time before they have to abandon the fight and open their parachutes.

Film shot in 2004 and distributed on the internet, but does not come into the context of art until 2009 when it was curated into the exhibition Fall-Out.