Video Works

Force Majeure

Reclined in a chaise longue, the visitor looks upward and contemplates five large-screen LCD monitors. Several flying figures, women and men, flit across the screens against blue sky and clouds. Simultaneously suspended and buffeted about in a world of air, the fliers’ street clothes snap and ripple, testimony to the wind’s elemental power. That the […]

Freefall Fighters

In preparation to fight, two boxers touch gloves. But they are packed in a small plane. They file out of the door and once in flight position themselves to box. Falling at 200 km/h, without the ground anchoring their bodies, punches are ineffectual. The drag on the gloves is so strong that the wind blows […]

Liquid Face

Liquid Face is a close-up of the artist’s face while he is in freefall. It emerged out of the Turning Point video installation. The artist noticed that people were as interested in what the wind was doing to the bodies as any concept he had in mind. So, he decided to focus on this small […]

Éole 2002


Éole is a 4 minute video of a BASE jump I made in September, 2002. It consists of a curtained off enclosure, with a small TV and headphones. A booth accommodating a single viewer with headphones to listen to the soundtrack.  With this installation, I am creating a space that allows the viewer to cross […]

Turning Point

Death is ten seconds away. Just enough time to do something simple and unimportant. In the context of extreme sports, the artist and his skydiving mentor invite spectators to consider the meaning of keeping control in dangerous situations. Falling through the sky is a difficult place to do something ordinary. The fear of dying, of […]