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March 23, 2013

This photo entitled Switch (2013) was exhibited in a large group show entitled LUX, Calme, Volupté at Galerie Roger Bellemare (Montréal, Québec) from March 23 to May 11, 2013. The exhibition was curated by Roger Bellemare. The other artists in the exhibition were Jocelyne Alloucherie, Roger Bellemare, Matthieu Bouchard, Maurice Cullen, Jim Dine , Pascal Dufaux, Romany Eveleigh, Charles Gagnon, Alberto Giacometti, Wayne Gonzales, Paul Litherland, Rita Letendre, Stéphane La Rue, Fernand Leduc, Euan Macdonald, Maclean, Michael Merrill, Barbara Steinman, Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Coté, and Robert Wilson. See the invite here.